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14 November 2012 @ 03:59 pm
My medical update for anyone interested beneath the cut

So for a week I have known tomorrow the 15th I have to have major surgery.

After my gall bladder shooting gallstones into my pancreas and my pancreas (the grouchy old man of the organs) looked like a war zone-grew a pseudo cyst the size of a grapefruit pushing into my stomach.. 45 days on TPN (IV feeding and nothing by mouth it the cyst shrank to the size of an orange and dangles from the tail of the pancreas and the pancreas calmed itself. I though all was well but the next CT scan showed my spleen and gotten a large clot in the spleenic vein so the spleen over double in size while veins grew all over it by the dozens to relieve the pressure of the blood.

Vessels do that bypassing a clot anywhere in the body by growing new 'roadways'.
Anyway the scan showed something inside the spleen so off I was sent to an oncologist to check for lymphoma cancer. She drew 14 large tubes of blood to check for markers but sid it did not look like lymphoma to her and I did not show any signs in my lymph nodes she didn't think it was cancer.

I think after closer inspection it was decided the masses were stringy blood clots formed when the spleen's blood had no exit.

So the spleen must come out. They go through a skeleton keyhole incision fold back the liver, fold back the stomach, cut the tail off the pancreas along with the cyst, put a coil in the spleen''s artery located inside the pancreas, clip the spleen's vein and seal it. Seal off all the
new veins If nothing happens such as massive bleeding and the don't have to cut me from sternum to belly button, they put the spleen in a bag, chop it up inside the bag and pull it out thru the keyhole.

Then recovery without narcotics since they all depress my respirations--so Advil it is.

I go in at 8:30 in the morning for a type and cross my blood A+ with antibodies checked.
Surgery at 10 a.m.

For my Landcoms I have tried to do as many challenges between going for tests as I can, If all goes well I hope to be home next week so I may miss one or two.

My daughter will drop a post on the outcome.

Since anytime you have surgery there are risks I want to take this time to tell all of you how much you mean to me. People miles away and across oceans who have been there for me offering themselves through suffering Sipman thank you for offering yourself as a sounding board when my life fell apart. LadyJudith you know how I feel for you. Havers and gorengal you always respond to my landcom entries and I appreciate that. There are many more and I love you all
04 June 2012 @ 12:01 pm
Tournament A begins today! The first challenge will be posted in the knightsinarmour comm in the next couple of hours.

Head Knights: jungle_ride and fantastique.

Your knight team comms are intended to be used by all members for interacting, making friends, strategizing team tasks, cheering, celebrating and whatever else you want to do! Please remember to member-lock any posts that you do not wish those outside of your team (such as competing teams) to have access to.

The comm layout was created by thecheekydragon for your knight team but you are welcome to do whatever you like with the layout such as change text or userpic, add sub-title, list members, etc. Also feel free to create whatever kinds of tags you think appropriate :)

And most of all HAVE FUN!!!

PS: When submitting an entry for a challenge, please remember to include your team name.
26 May 2012 @ 08:00 pm
Sir Percival...

"Your enemies are my enemies."